Maranda Curtis is trailblazing her mark onto the Gospel music charts. Her new album The Maranda Experience: Open Heaven is truly a masterpiece. Maranda Curtis knows her audience and connects perfectly with her listeners. Her sound appeals to stalwart Gospel music lovers, while also taking them on a more cross-over, contemporary ride stylistically. She does it all while maintaining the essence of her authentic Gospel flair, which is seasoned with touches of R&B and jazz influences.

The title track of this album is breathtaking. “Open Heaven,” which has been reverberating around the Gospel circuit for months, reflects a true prophetic sentiment for those who understand the prophetic, yet those who aren’t “that deep” can still sing along to this contagious tune until their own “signs and wonders” manifest. This track will, without a doubt, open doors to markets and platforms previously untouched by many Gospel artists. It is that revolutionary.

Curtis puts her stamp on the established praise classic “This Is the Day”. What she does with that song is remarkable, and its reprises add another dimension of authenticity to the worship experience. The power, texture and tone of Maranda’s voice are indescribable. The album effortlessly demonstrates her vocal prowess and that of her amazing back-up singers. Listening to the words of each song and feeling the voice that comes with it is uplifting and moving. Tears of healing will flow, as well as tears of happiness. The Maranda Experience is honestly a life changing experience.

As a praise and worship leader, it is important to lead the congregation into worship and their own personal encounter with the presence of God. We need songs that will uplift people’s hearts, and when that happens, they will carry that song with them for the rest of their life. This kind of song stays on repeat in people’s heads when they face hard times, and it strengthens their faith in God. The presence of the Lord is felt in the words of this kind of song, creating an atmosphere of joy, peace and love from God.

Each song on The Maranda Experience: Open Heaven can go into a praise and worship leader’s toolbox. We all need daily reminders that God is with us always, and music helps in so many ways. These particular sounds from Heaven release the blessings and favor of God over our life.

Every song on the album makes one thing very clear: Maranda Curtis is a woman after God’s own heart. She sings from a place of pure worship.

If you are a singer or just someone who loves great music, and definitely if you are a praise and worship leader, this album will inspire you!