It is abundantly clear, Hillsong Church has the spiritual “It” factor. For over two decades, Hillsong Worship has contributed anthem after anthem to the global church. Every week, an estimated 50 million people around the world sing Hillsong Worship songs – in 60 languages! And who among those 50 million people hasn’t at least one time belted out “You have no rival! You have no equal!” from the GRAMMY® award winning song “What A Beautiful Name?” It is undeniable that Hillsong Worship continues to be one of the most influential contemporary worship bands in the world.

On April 6, Hillsong Worship returns with their brand new album There is More. Recorded live at the 2017 Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference, this new offering captures its inspiration from the story of Jacob wrestling with God in the book of Genesis, Chapter 32. It is a story of humility, faith and longing for the blessings of the Lord. Indeed, There Is More to God and to what He has in store for us than we could ever fathom.

The lead single “Who You Say I Am” opens the album with an uplifting proclamation: “I’m a child of God. Yes, I am!” Without question, the ordinary can do extraordinary things when his or her identity in Christ is realized. Congregations will be declaring this together on Sunday mornings to come.

On the piano-driven “New Wine,” we are challenged to renew our mindsets through repentance. We cannot receive new results with old behaviors. The song is a reminder that God cannot fit into our limited expectations and desires. The simplicity of the lyrics “When I trust You, I don’t need to understand” draws us to surrender.

The Hillsong Worship Team, 2018. For almost three decades, Hillsong Worship has served people across nations and generations, leading diverse expressions of the Church in the worship of Jesus.

Perhaps the most beautifully written song on the album, the thematic “So Will I (100 Billion X)” takes us on an imaginative journey through the magnificent universe that God created, relishing His breathtaking artistry and the beauty of the Cross. As the song closes with the lyrics “You’re the One who never leaves the one behind,” we are reminded that in the mystery and grandeur of God, He cares for every single soul on earth. God has given us 100 billion reasons to respond with gratitude and praise. “So Will I” was first heard on the Hillsong United album Wonder, but this time worship leader Taya Smith takes the helm and refreshes an already poignant song.

There is More is a thoughtfully crafted album, and we expect no less. Hillsong Worship has a proven formula that permeates their sound, but the musicality is secondary. The intentional songwriting that places the infinite power of God, His love for us and our identity in Him at the core of this album is sincerely appreciated. From the communion-esque “Remembrance” and love-filled “Valentine”, this album will surely evoke multiple listens. If you were seeking new worship songs to sing, well now There Is More.